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The key to stop foreclosure sales starts with the timing of the initial action. The most common cause of losing your home is because you waited too long to respond to the foreclosure notices or you did not respond to the notices at all.

There are a number of ways to save your home from foreclosure, but you must act. Don't just ignore the notices that you are receiving, that will not make the problem go away.
~ The Stop Foreclosure Sales Staff

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Bank Repossessions
By Jayme Hanson
If you are currently in pre-foreclosure or have already been issued a notice of default you are no doubt stressed, overwhelmed and even angry. The pre-foreclosure phase is the phase where the Read more...
Tax Foreclosures
By Jayme Hanson
The Notice of Default is filed by the lender (bank) as a formal notice to the homeowner that the bank has started the foreclosure process. If a home is ultimately foreclosed upon, the Read more...
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